Fireplaces Come Alive With Manufactured Stone

A fireplace can be the centerpiece of a home. Family and friends love to sit around a fire and enjoy the warmth while relaxing and talking. Unfortunately, unless a home comes with an existing fireplace, the cost is too outrageous to build from scratch. The cost of stone, labor by stone masons, building the firebox and chimney and securing the weight of it all can run into thousands of dollars and dilute the awesome image. Wood burners and gas logs are other options for having a fireplace. Get a little creative and build a mock structure around your stove, line with manufactured stone and enjoy the fire.

Installation of stone veneers is simple. The weight of these natural stone veneers is about ΒΌ of a natural stone block. This fact alone cuts back on the structural reinforcing, shipping and labor costs. All types of sizes and shapes are available to make your fireplace as natural looking as possible. Stones for rounding edges, large pieces for positioning the perfect mantle and different types of stone will match any type of decor. Stone veneers are made of non-combustible material, a must in placing close to fire.

The D.I.Y job can create a frame and form a wall using manufactured stone with just a few tools. A circular saw and standard hand masonry tools are suggested in addition to following the vendor’s instructions and taking safety precautions. There will be no flying dust from using diamond edged blades that are necessary for cutting stone. The mess will be minimal and the project less time consuming that working with real stone. The material can be placed over any existing wall, even brick. Covering an old brick fireplace that is crumbling with stone veneer can change an eyesore into looking like a million bucks.

All types of stone can make a magnificent looking fireplace. Limestone, field stone, ledge stone, brick, stream stone or a combination of blended textures can add grace to a room and make a cozy meeting place for family members. Surrounding area walls can also benefit from the look of stone or just a few low panels to highlight the atmosphere.

Shopping for manufactured stone for fireplaces takes some homework in order to locate a dealer that offers support, service and a good warranty on products. A 50-year warranty is average for a reputable company to place on stone veneer and often longer when you have professionally installed. Many excellent manufacturers exist and will not be afraid to back a well-made product.

If you have always wanted a fireplace but were afraid of the cost, check into building your own and create a dramatic structural design that will make you the envy of your neighbors and friends.

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