No Deposit Poker Bonuses


If you are reading this article, you are probably already a poker player or maybe you just want to learn this wonderful game. Either way the following will interest you for sure.

Nowadays poker rooms are giving away free poker money. You have to sign up, enter your real information and get the free bankroll. But what is the catch? 온라인카지노

Many people don’t believe that this is illegal. Well this is not the case. I tried these bonuses. The first one 1.5 years ago and I also withrew a few bucks. I was amazed of how many bonuses there are on the internet which is almost free money. Why is it almost free money? Because you can’t withdraw it instantly. You have to play with it.

You probably ask yourself “who is so stupid to give away free money?” Well some poker rooms are. But this is not stupidity. It is in their marketing strategy to do so. Many player learn poker, maybe thousands of dollars and deposit after that. This is where it gets profitable for the poker room that gives them the money.

It’s a win-win situation. You get free money to play with and the poker room gets new players.

Seeing that there are many poker rooms on the web I started promoting them. This way I help players to get some awesome poker bankrolls for free and to start their poker careers.

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