Mobile Casino Games Testing Experience

Big online casinos like 888 Casinos as well as casinos with Microgaming and Playtech software, these names are the most prominent game software providers, leading online casino software makers, poker rooms and now mobile casinos and mobile poker rooms. There are also a number of mobile casinos with their own software as well.

I certainly haven’t played in all the casinos of these casino software providers, but in fact, the games of the same supplier are no different, maybe they just have different logos and lobby colors. If you would like to share your experience with mobile gambling, do not hesitate to submit your mobile casino or poker overview by contacting the site and we will be more than happy to post it on this site 더나인카지노.

For the purposes of testing mobile casino games, each mobile casino from the same software provider may be considered the same, although they have some differences: support, bonuses, money deposit and withdrawal options.

I chose two games: a blackjack mobile game and video poker to test mobile casinos. First, because I like skill games, second, Black Jack for example has a very low advantage and the chance of big wins. So, if a casino player were to bet in line with the basic strategy, it would be easy to answer the casino’s honesty, honesty and fairness in the particular mobile casino.

I play 100 deals and write down the results. I follow the basic strategy in video poker and mobile jack, mostly with equal stakes, though in black jack I can differentiate them if I want. Analyzing Black Jack results, note such parameters as casino advantage – in theory it should be 0.5%, number of gains / draws / losses – must be 43% / 9% / 48% respectively, number of Black Jacks – 5 The analysis of the expected values ​​of video poker for mobile phones is not so illustrative because of the great dispersion. It is better to pay attention to the frequency of winning combinations, averaging 100 rounds per game: 21 times a pair, 13 times a pair, 7 times a trio, one time – a direct flash and a full house. Basically, in the short run if there are no complete combinations in the house, the payout should be something like – 9% (ratio of four of a kind 6%, royal 2%, direct lighting – 0.5%). Where doubles allowed, these results can be quite demonstrative. Here I would like to tell you that 100 deals are not enough to draw statistically valid conclusions (though, if the losses were 15 rates in 100 Black Jack deals, the probability that the game is honest is only 10%, and if the number increases up to 27 feet, then this probability drops to 1%). You can catch a winning sequence from several hands or vice versa.

Black Jack is a good game for bonus players in particular, because players can accurately calculate the house edge of the game – assuming they play according to the correct Black Jack strategy – and the Black Jack’s home edge is very small due to the low negative deals on. fluctuations. However, I suppose you can trust the results of a well-known casino.

It is also necessary to mention that you can play for real money or in practical mode, whatever you want. The practice mode for me has one drawback: using a built-in random number generator, so the results of practice and real money betting in mobile casinos can be quite different.